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Packaging equipment supporting industrial robot equipment

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In industrial production, industrial robots can replace human beings to do some monotonous, frequent and repeated long-time operations, or operations in dangerous and harsh environments, such as stamping, pressure casting, heat treatment, welding, coating, plastic products forming, mechanical processing and simple assembly, and in the atomic energy industry and other departments, to complete the handling or work of harmful materials to human body Art operation.


At the end of 1950s, the United States developed independent industrial automatic operation device with universality based on manipulator and manipulator, using servo mechanism and automatic control technology, and called it industrial robot; in the early 1960s, the United States successfully developed two kinds of industrial robots, which were quickly applied in industrial production; in 1969, the United States general motors company used 21 An automatic production line for welding car body is composed of industrial robots. Since then, industrial developed countries have attached great importance to the development and application of industrial robots.

Due to the versatility and adaptability of industrial robots, they can adapt to the production of many kinds of medium and small batches. Since the 1970s, industrial robots have often been combined with digital control machine tools and become a part of flexible manufacturing cells or flexible manufacturing systems.

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