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Working principle of dynamic weighing scale

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When the object is placed on the scale, the pressure is applied to the sensor, and the sensor will deform, so that the impedance will change. At the same time, the excitation voltage will be changed to output a changed analog signal. The signal is amplified and output to a / D converter by an amplifier circuit. It is converted into a digital signal which is easy to process and output to the CPU operation control. The CPU outputs the result to the display according to the keyboard command and program.


Online weighing scale, also known as weight testing machine, weight sorting machine, automatic weight checking scale and weight sorting machine, is an equipment for weight detection and automatic sorting of light or heavy products under the dynamic situation of production line, so as to improve product quality and optimize production process, so as to control costs, eliminate waste and increase profits. It can be used to detect the products on the production line, and display the production data such as production quantity, batch tracking, total weight, effective weight and rejected weight.